Hi there!
Welcome to 8-Bit Beauty, the art portfolio dedicated to the work of Lukas Nijsten.


Lukas studied Graphic Design (specialisation Advertising) in the PHL Art School in Hasselt, Belgium. He currently works as illustrator, art director and game designer.


Most of the artwork is based on photographical material and compositions. More recently, Lukas is taking custom photoshoots to create the exact image needed for the art concepts.


But rather than profiling himself as a photographer, Lukas tries to emphasis and work with the unique characteristics of the illustrative medium.


While he has experience with good old pencil, paint & paper, this website mostly features digital artwork, created with Adobe Photoshop and a faithful Wacom graphics tablet.



If you would like to get in touch for questions, comments or commissions, your voice can be heard in various ways:

    • Website: Contact page

    • Email: contact.8bitbeauty@gmail.com

    • Instagram: @8bit.beauty